Underwater Meuseums

Pictures taken underwater are all about breaking barriers in some cases. We all want cool pictures, yeah, but it is also about getting uncomfortable, without a specific expensive camera it can be tough. Getting in the water and making the most out of this fragile time frame that allows for the most captivating setting to be utilized. I was able to take some photos with an iPhone 6 protected by a case made by Lifeproof©. It works! Thanks to that case we were able to capture some moments playing under a mid sized ocean cruiser in the Channel Islands.

A place to plan to go soon is off of the coast of Spain to an actual Underwater Museum. Yes, and it is slightly creepy but it is more breathtakingly beautiful. Jason deCaires Taylor has made several lists for his work including this website which list the top ten underwater photographers in the world.


“Jason deCaires Taylor is an award winning underwater photographer, underwater naturalist and he is also a qualified diving instructor. He is the creator of the first underwater sculpture park in the world and it was founded in 2006 to be considered by National Geographic as one of the top 25 Wonders of the World. Jason deCaires Taylor aims to encourage marine conservation and environmental awareness through his underwater public art projects. He transforms his art or sculptures from dead objects to living coral reefs by submerging them in the ocean.”

If you enjoy seeing underwater art check out @underwaterwednesdays on instagram as well. They were so kind as to feature one of my ameteur photos and they have something new and inspiring every week.

Cheers to those underwater creatives!


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