My Love For You is a Strange Love

My love for you is a strange love

The kind that captures me like a butterfly who lives in my garden.

I not only feel blessed to be in it’s presence but feel the need to capture it and have it be near me always.

I know that I cannot expect for this beautiful creature to stay because I will ruin it’s beauty and it will suffer.

This way, the love will be no more.

This creature, this butterfly, this love comes and goes as it pleases but when it comes back to me, I welcome it peacefully because I know that it has all of the freedom to go somewhere else.

I am beautiful and special.

There must be something about me, my nature, that let this butterfly feel like it was ok to land, and brought it here in the first place.

This love brings together the excitement of uncertainty and astounding pleasure of the eyes, heart, and soul that I only get to feel at the deepest moments of connecting with the wild.

For us to choose to be with each other for each moment in time is nothing less than natural instinct and intuition.

You are always welcome in my garden. I will always make you feel safe and free so that I can enjoy your beauty and presence and allow myself to accept that I am also a beautiful part of nature and that nature always works in harmony to thrive and continue.

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