6 Simple Things You Can do at Work to Reduce Your Footprint

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We can all do a little something to be better citizens at work for the environment. Here are some simple changes which might not be so hard for you to take on:)

  1. Bring your own cup or mug to work, many companies have paper or plastic cups for employees to use.
  2. Bring your own lunch, it is financially sustainable and you have the chance to support local business by shopping locally.
  3. Place your trash in the correct receptacle – believe it or not this does matter, not putting your trash in the right bin can mean the difference of an item being in a landfill or burned and being made into another item just like the one which was thrown away.
  4. Ask your facilities department what they have in place for waste, energy use and paper recycling. Sometimes just asking gives the opportunity for the company to address the issue.
  5. Try not to print things if they don’t need to be printed. Many companies are now using “Follow me printing” which doesn’t print unless you go to the printer which eliminates papers being printed and left behind. In addition, setting printers to double-sided printing saves paper. In a general office, printing is one of the main environmental impacts associated with day-to-day operations.
  6. Do note-taking at your computer during meetings to reduce paper demand
  7. Take public transportation or carpool to work, bike or walk. Not only is this cost efficient, but it can lead to a healthier you and better traffic which leads to less CO2 emissions. 
  8. Video or Skype conference instead of using air travel or ask your company if they offset carbon emissions.
  9. Work from home, if there is no work-from-home policy in place at your company, inquire about one and even initiate the conversation if you feel compelled. Working from home has many positive impacts on your mental health and the environment.
  10. Lead by example, people watch what you do and it only takes one person to start a movement (Derek Sivers TED talk “How to start a movement”).

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