What do I know about Health and Wellness?


I am not a fitness goddess. My tools for life fitness are to try multiple things that keep me interested and make me feel good.  Surf, run, swim, tai chi, yoga and meditate.  I make mistakes. I am far from perfect, but I have been doing most of these things for long enough I just might have some insight to keeping things in balance and to making it through tough times.

We cannot get anywhere pretending we can do things on our own. We have to be vulnerable and accept the opportunities that we have in life to let others inspire us and help us grow <3.


Once upon a time…this was my profile..

“Amanda C. Gardner, ACSM Personal Trainer and Qigong Instructor, has spent many years working in the healthcare and fitness industry. Utilizing insights gained from interfacing with doctors and health care professionals, she provides a unique understanding of the aging process through specialized health care plans, patient education and nutrition. Additionally, she has developed educational programs for schools and health and wellness facilities around the Bay Area in California.  Amanda has studied Advanced Medical Qi Gong Meditation,  studying under Doctor Arnold Tayam, Prof. DMQ , Director of The Longevity Center in San Jose, Ca. Drawing upon her experiences with Women’s health issues, she emphasizes Qigong as an important and useful tool combined with nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle to evolve to one’s fullest potential.”