Who do I think I am?

Through many years working to help clients, employees and youth learn about the benefits of  nutrition, excercise and mindfulness, I have gradually eveolved to increase my impact through working with companies  in various aspects of their holistic health or as most would call it, Corporate Social Responsibilty.

I’m very passionate about organizations that have a purpose and show commitment to ethical behavior. I’m not alone as many investors, consumers and employees are increasingly using their influence to negatively affect companies who don’t share their values.

I believe that building social responsibility into a companies brand, culture and business strategy is paramount to building trust, reputation, and attracting talent. It is also a strong indicator of the future wellbeing of a company.

I love working with organizations to implement their social responsibility strategy and help them identify areas of impact and potential improvement. I make it my mission to find ways to engage people and give them a reason to be happy about what their company is doing for the community and environment.

Corporate Citizenship, includes not only a companies responsibility to do the “right thing” and produce a simple non financial report for compliance. It implies taking action and partnering with the community to foster philanthropic and sustainable relationships for all people impacted by its actions, including employees.

I’m very happy to discuss this topic and share views with my community on the above. Thank you for reading!

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